Welcome to Alumina Technologies, Inc.

Alumina Technologies, Inc. (ATI) is a leading provider of advanced ceramic & metal alloy products. ATI is committed to providing our customers high quality, low cost and on-time delivery of ceramic & metal components. Our focus is on niche markets for high end precision ceramic and metal products.

ATI supplies products for Automotive, Electronics, Telecommunication, Medical, Plumbing and Machinery industries. Manufacturers of electronic components, medical devices, pressure sensors, electric motor, pumps, valves, solid oxide fuel cell, etc. are among the primary users of the company’s ceramic and metal products. ATI’s Quality Auditing System ensures strict quality controls are being adhered to: during every phase of design and production. Using sophisticated and highly précise measuring instruments, our quality team ensures delivering the highest quality product and services to our customers: both in the areas of reliability and reproducibility. Through our Affiliated Manufacturing Plants in Asia, we are able to deliver low cost solutions on time, with adherence to strict quality standards.

Advanced Ceramics

Metal Alloys