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ATI aims to be your supplier of precision metal components for use in the manufacturing of electronic, semi-conductors and precision instruments. As the forerunner in the industry of Metal Alloy parts manufacturing, ATI is continuously growing. ATI’s hi-tech metal alloy products include tubes, rods, bushings, blocks, washers, connectors, etc made from copper, nickel, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, etc. On the foundation of thorough quality management and flexible business strategy, it is well on the road of continuous improvement and development.

ATI not only insists on maintaining a production system that aims at achieving a balance between quality, cost and on-time delivery, we also ensure quick response to the needs of our customers. We manage to gain customers satisfaction through utilizing the latest, most sophisticated tools, equipment and machineries coupled with innovative and experience team members for all our projects. ATI have built a strong reputation on delivering SAFE and TIMELY projects with end-products of the highest quality.

Metal Alloy Products

Copper Pipes

Molded Steel

Cast Iron

Copper & Brass

Aluminium Rings

Powder Metal Gears

Ball Bearing

Cylindrical Tubing

Powder Metal Parts

Nickel Mesh

Aluminum CNC

Aluminum CNC

Copper Fitting

Iron/Steel Rods

Stainless Steel Mesh

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